On April 22, 2014 The Leprosy Mission Canada adopted the name effect:hope. Browse through this site and our main website, www.effecthope.org, for information about leprosy and our work.

The World Today…

In the current global landscape, there is a stark contrast between the fast-paced advances in technology and health care, and the reality of poverty, injustice and disease that billions face daily. In spite of our ever-increasing knowledge, we cannot seem to solve issues that have been with humanity for thousands of years.

Leprosy in the World Today…

Leprosy was, and still remains one of the most feared diseases. Although it is treatable, leprosy is a disease that brings physical and emotional suffering to those affected. Often, these people live in the poorest regions of the world. Leprosy was a disease that caught the attention of Jesus, and so we still answer the call.

Answering the Call to Care

Now Catholic elementary and secondary students can answer Christ’s call to care for those affected by leprosy through a unit written and endorsed by the Catholic Curriculum Corporation. Through faith-filled activities, students will learn about leprosy in today’s global context and how they can act to raise awareness about leprosy, an often-forgotten disease. This classroom learning resource includes unique, short units for students grades 6 – 8 and grade 10. Each unit is complete with information about leprosy, and teaching and evaluation resources written from the Catholic perspective and is grounded in Catholic School Teachings.