Make a Difference

Ordinary people can make a difference. Collectively, our actions can cure thousands, provide emotional and spiritual relief, educate others, prevent the spread of leprosy, and even eliminate it.

So what can you do? Check out the list below, or, even better, come up with your own ideas and share them with us by e-mailing us through the contact page!

1. Show Your Support

Draw pictures of volunteers providing medical treatment. Make videos showing that you care. Write poems of hope, love and optimism. Wholeheartedly stand behind those who are fighting off the disease.

2. Educate Others

As the generation of students who will soon become the leaders of the world, you have a responsibility to take on the role of ambassador and teach others what you have learned. By spreading awareness of leprosy—yes, it still exists today—you can bring more help to those who need it most.

3. Volunteer & Fundraise

effect:hope (The Leprosy Mission Canada) encourages you to get involved.

You can get your class or school to participate in a fundraiser. Hold a bake sale, a car wash, a silent auction, a tweet-up, YOU NAME IT!

You can also collect stamps and send them in to our office where they are then sold, with the proceeds benefiting effect:hope.

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4. Donate

You can contribute to effect:hope (The Leprosy Mission Canada) as an individual, a family, a class, a school, a club… the list goes on. The money is used to provide hospital services, vocational training, research, advocacy, and more.

It only takes $396 to cure one person and bring after-cure help to them.

Find out more about donating.

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