What is Answering the Call?

Now Catholic elementary and secondary students can answer Christ’s call to care for those affected by leprosy through a unit written and endorsed by the Catholic Curriculum Corporation. Through faith-filled activities, students will learn about leprosy in today’s global context and how they can act to raise awareness about leprosy, an often-forgotten disease. This classroom learning resource includes unique, short units for students grades 6 – 8 and grade 10. Each unit is complete with information about leprosy, and teaching and evaluation resources written from the Catholic perspective and is grounded in Catholic School Teachings.

Leprosy in the World Today: Answering the Call to Care brings together expectations from the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum documents, Ontario Catholic School Graduate document, Institute for Catholic Education guides and encyclicals commonly referred to as Catholic School Teachings.

Elementary Unit: What’s Your Media Message?

Students living in Canada are unaware of the physical, social and economic effects of contracting leprosy. This unit helps student to appreciate the ancient roots of leprosy and how it continues to cause stigma and exclusion. Students will become aware of the contrast between the way people affected by leprosy were treated in the Old Testament compared to the transformative power of Jesus’ actions toward people affected by leprosy when He lovingly welcomed and cared for them.

Secondary Unit: Media Awareness Campaign– Leprosy Today? (A Unit for HRE 20)

The Grade 10 Religious Education curriculum, in part, focuses on Catholic Social Teaching. Students will learn these lessons, and possibilities for application, through this mini unit about leprosy awareness, and our call to respond.Students will explore leprosy as a social justice issue in the context of Catholic Social Teaching on the dignity of the human person. Jesus defied cultural norms and boundaries when he touched and healed those affected by leprosy. In doing so, He helped to restore their dignity while promoting the intrinsic value of the marginalized.In this mini-unit, students will be challenged to do the same by learning about the affects of leprosy. and creating opportunities for outreach.

Catholic Social Teachings in Action through the Work of effect:hope (TLMC):

  • Human Dignity
  • Community and the Common Good
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  • Participation
  • Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
  • Stewardship of Creation
  • Solidarity
  • Role of Government
  • Promotion of Peace
To register for an account on the Answering the Call website, please email info@answeringthecall.ca. Lynda Scott, effect:hope’s Church and Volunteer Coordinator, will provide with with the necessary class codes for this school year.